About Us

We're Nikki and Kim, we met nearly 20 years ago as the only teenagers in an Olivia Newton-John fan club that we both belonged to. After the initial shock that we were the same age, interested in the same things and virtually the same in every way, we've been inseparable ever since.

We started designing shirts in 2013 oddly enough because of our love of concerts. Attending as many concerts as we do, we realized that merch booths never really had what we were looking for. So we thought, why don’t we just make what we'd want to buy? That way they can be as intricate, creative, sarcastic, themed and just downright signature as we like.

Considering ourselves vintage pop culture enthusiasts as we do, our obsession with classic TV, movies, music, stars, aesthetics and style led us to expand our designs and cover as many fandoms as our little hearts contended.  We pride ourselves on tapping into otherwise untapped nuances, inside jokes and details that only true fans understand.

Bottom line - we totally get you and your ability to recite sitcom dialogue verbatim.
Welcome aficionados!