You’re Certifiable Do You Know That?

You’re Certifiable Do You Know That?

There’s a decent chance that you arrived here because we share a mutual love for all things classic (at least that makes the most sense), sheer curiosity, or boredom, there’s also a decent chance that you stumbled in here by mistake, but whatever your reasoning it’s nice to have you!  

Let us explain our rationale behind creating this site - 

To start with we might as well explain that we began our friendship nearly twenty years ago in an Olivia Newton-John fan club where we were the only teenagers. Now let us preface that in 1978 this wouldn’t be an unusual happening but in the early 2000’s describing it even as “unlikely” is a gross understatement. From our earliest years we understood that we were born at the wrong time. Our television, movie, music, style, aesthetic and moral preferences were all wrong. While our fellow teeny boppers were out at the mall buying the latest Beyonce album, we cowered behind them in line clutching the Olivia’s Greatest Hits before returning home to commit every episode of I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie, Three’s Company and the like to memory. To us a “Gossip Girl” was Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched. You can see why we regressed into the comfort of our living rooms. 

The high of becoming enthralled in one’s music, a movie plot, or one of these shows is a feeling that we know we do not need to explain to other fanatics. The problems of your favorite onscreen characters become your problems, their triumphs yours as well and Lord help those that challenge you on one of these issues. This closeness to fictional characters, singers, actors, etc. may appear confusing or even worrisome to friends and family (been there, done that) but to those that “get it” you wouldn’t trade this passion for any amount mediocre “normal” relationships in the world.  

All this being said, one of the most (and only) positive aspects to come of this progressive society that we weren’t equipped to take part in is in fact what we’re interacting with now, the internet. Now we can’t say the same for social media, but at least corners of the multifaceted world wide web can indeed be a wonderfully cozy clubhouse for otherwise misunderstood members of society. It’s been exciting to interact with people of all walks of life and see them relate over something as simple as being part of a fandom. The dedication that fanaticism breeds is honestly one of the most compelling, rewarding and unexplained mysteries that our minds can fathom.  

Thank you for humoring us thus far, we’ll try and get to the point now – if it wasn’t for fan forums, accounts and sites we honestly don’t know where we’d be. And it’s these kindred spirits who keep the love and appreciation of yesteryear going strong that propelled our desire to design our own line of novelty merchandise. We set out to create designs that spoke to those dissatisfied with the dull official merchandise that companies crank out and who appreciate the untapped nuances, inside jokes and details that only true fans understand. We’ve thoughtfully crafted each non-AI design to be one that we personally want to own and if we can help it, contain a deeper meaning or showcase the subject from a different perspective. We’re constantly inspired by our latest binge watch (basically cycling back through our beloved archives and absorbing them for all they are worth again) and will continuously be updating the available styles to accommodate our obsessions and hopefully yours as well. 

Finally, we appreciate your intelligence and attention span for forging through this novel. We hope the contents of this site gives others out there the same comfort that other like-minded people so diligently supplied to us over the years. 

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