We’ve all done it - watched an episode of a show, a scene in a movie, or even a live event and caught a brief glimpse of a hidden Easter egg. Whether a set decorator placed it there intentionally as a nod to something or someone or perhaps it was a fluke, most of the time you’ll never know. In this post we wanted to share some of the ones that have stuck out to us from, or that involve DALLAS.

These sightings have no hierarchy, but for the sake of making the last few seasons more intriguing we’re going to begin there. (We’re Team Sue Ellen so when she isn’t regularly involved in the series or worse yet, gone, we lose interest.)


S10, EP28 · “Two Fifty”

Studio Tip-offs

Scene: Sue Ellen is awaiting the arrival of that Winger tramp (also known as Mandy Winger) at a Valentine’s Lingere photoshoot.

I Spy: Two identifiable items can be found in the not-so-distant background. The first being a studio telephone repair stand that can be seen in a well-known Linda Gray and Victoria Principal photoshoot.


The second is a “Lorimar” labeled box, which was of course the production company of Dallas.


S12, EP20 · “April Showers”

The Monk of Mailbu’s Monastery

Scene: Sue Ellen and Don Lockwood arrive in Malibu and are casting the part of J.R. in Sue Ellen’s upcoming biopic.

I Spy: The beach house that this casting discussion is taking place at is none other than Larry Hagman’s actual Malibu abode.



S12, EP21 · “And Away We Go!”

Scene: Sue Ellen and Don arrive at the studio to begin casting the biopic’s main roles.

I Spy: As huge Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn fans, we couldn’t help but notice that both ladies can be spotted adorning the walls of the studio in which they are roaming.

Notes: Due the appearance of Joan Crawford among other stars on the walls, at first it seems as though they may all be MGM contract players (highly likely considering they filmed Dallas at MGM Studios) but considering Bette was a legendary Warner Brothers player for most of her career in addition to the glimpses of Ginger Rogers, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman it confirms that it simply isn’t the case. Additionally, you can clearly read “Lorimar Studios” outside the window that Sue Ellen stands next to.


S12, EP23 · “The Sound of Money”

A Horse is a Horse

Scene: Carter McKay is having an outdoor meeting concerning European oil leases.

I Spy: Many film buffs will notice the nod in the episode name (a motif Dallas writers frequented) as well as the recognizable horse statues next to the water edge from The Sound of Music. The property used for the film is the Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg.




Back to the Future Part II

It’s All About J.R.

Scene: Marty McFly Jr. is being confronted by Griff at the Café 80’s.

I Spy: As the point of this diner is to reminisce about 1980’s nostalgia, even the creators of Back to the Future couldn’t deny that the 80’s were truly all about J.R. Ewing. It goes by fast, but you can catch a glimpse of Larry Hagman on the screens playing memorable clips from the decade.




We’ll continue to update this post so please keep an eye out and let us know if you spot anything worth a glance so that we can add them here!

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